IBU contribution of kettle hops after flameout

As usual I keep hops in the kettle after flameout; but I wanted to give myself a better feeling about how much bitterness they would contribute. Yesterday I turned the heat off and proceed to start draining/chilling directly. It took about 10 mins, and during that time the temperature dropped from 100C to 90C. If […]

Randy Mosher’s “Mastering Homebrew” is excellent!

There are two reasons why this book is so excellent. One is his ability to illustrate ideas visually – have a look his “recipe” to see what I mean http://randymosher.com/uploads/images/contentimages/bookart/mhb-assr1.jpg And second, his emphasis on taste and flavor, and portrayal of homebrewing as a creative and artistic pursuit. I own a “few” books on the […]

34/70 fermentations at room temp = delicious

So, this isn’t a new idea – Chalie Papazian brings it up multiple times in his book The Complete Joy of Homebrewing Fourth Edition: Fully Revised and Updated, and Brülosphy has at least a half a dozen different posts about using SafLager 34/70 (http://www.fermentis.com/brewing/homebrewing/product-range/) at different temperatures. But when you first try it, it feels […]