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A simple Golden Ale made using Kveik

A great starting point for getting an idea what Kveik can do and what it tastes like

'Everyday' Ale

Sometimes you just want an easy drinking beer that doesn't offend. Something you can hand to a friend that reminds them of macro beer, but has a bit more character - a gateway beer. Smells like caramel, red-apple, and spicy hops; tastes malty-sweet and honey, but finishes nice and dry with a firm bitterness.


An American Golden Ale 18A showcasing kveik derived fruitiness, with a fairly clean and simple grain bill, and some complimentary hop spiciness. Flameout hops are used to get a good dose of flavor without the hassle of trying to dry-hop during a short ferment (3-4 days!).

OG: 1.043 FG: 1.008
ABV: 4.6% IBU: ~20 EBC: ~7

  • 93% 2-row (base malt)
  • 5% Vienna
  • 2% Wheat malt or Crystal 20L
  • 0.5g/L Bravo 17.5%AA @40m
  • 1.0g/L Glacier 5.6%AA @ 0m
  • 0.5ml/L Hornindal slurry pitched at 30°C
  • ~1/8 tsp per 5L Yeast Nutrients
Target Water
  • Sulfate 60 ppm
  • Chloride 60 ppm
  • Mash: 66C for 60m
  • Boil: 40m
  • Ferment at 30°C for 3.5 - 4 days
  • Force carbonate
  • Or bottle condition for at least 4 days
  • The yeast nutrients are needed to ensure complete attenuation
  • The flameout hops effectively contribute like a 20 min hopstand
  • If doing no-chill 10L in a keg will drop to 30°C somewhere between 10 - 16 hours
    • It's easy to accidentally add to many IBU when doing no-chill; consider adding the flameout addition at 60C instead
  • If swapping the bittering hops use something complimentary (Magnum, Galena, etc)
  • Other good flameout choices: Cascade, Tettnang, Centennial, Mosaic …

Photos from a recent session

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