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In General

It's best to turn the 'auto-fit message' setting off on the Android app. If you leave it on (not recommended) it has the unfortunate side effect of adding hard line breaks to outgoing messages which makes them a little difficult to read. The setting can be found as pictured below. In the app Settings → General Settings

Trimming Posts

To trim the post on a phone push on the ellipsis (…) to bring up the option to delete the quoted text.

On the web version use the down arrow until the ellipsis (…) becomes highlighted and then backspace to delete it.


OT filter:

 Matches: subject:OT list:(<>)

Not-OT filter:

 Matches: subject:(-OT) list:(<>)

Inbox Tabs ... Forums

Enable the tabs via the settings button. Settings → Configure Inbox

It will appear as follows


The Muting feature works well with the Forums tab. From that tab if you select an thread you can mute that thread. It will no longer appear in your Forums tab.

But it can be found in the Label

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