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-  ​* GMail app setup for mailing lists +Five Tone Brewing is what my wife and I would call our nano-brewery if we ever really took the plunge and started one for real. For now this Wiki is a collection of ideas and the results of experiments. 
-  * Grainfather tips & tricks+ 
 +  ​[[GMail app setup]] for mailing lists 
 +  * [[Grainfather]] tips & tricks 
 +  * [[Yeast starters]] a simple approach 
 +  * [[Kveik]] Norwegian farmhouse yeast! 
 +  * [[A simple kveik brew]] an easy recipe / process 
 +  * [[Cider brewing]] a simplified process for a dry cider 
 +  * [[Low oxygen brewing]] a practical approach for keeping O2 exposure low when kegging 
 +  * [[Brewing Quickly with Kveik]] putting these ideas together in a booklet 
 +  * [[Getting started with Kveik]]
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